Essay on Research On Young Age Group

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2) Social Interactions/ Development : EJ : Male: Birthday ( 6/3/2015)
EJ a 15 months child seem to be very reserved . He is seen sitting in the corner of the classroom away from his classmates. Therefore, he does not interact much with any of the other children , but rather seeks teh attention of the teachers. When he does not get the attention , he walks away and play s witha toy car. He is participating in solitary play. Solitary play refers to playing alone , without being concerned with what others are doing ( Steinberg, Bornstein , Vandell & Rook pg 249) . EJ’s social skills are what I expected because a typiccally 2 years old participates in parallel play ( playing with similar toy next to another child) and EJ is 15 months. Therefore, his social skills are appropriate for his age ( Steinberg, Bornstein , Vandell & Rook pg. 249).

3) Emotional Development : Arthur: Male : Birthday ( 12/18/2015)
Arthur expressed excitement , happiness , and joy while he was in day care. For exampel , Arthur showed excitment pushing the walker. He was happy playing with the other children . HE showed joy when the teacher picked him up. Arthur was born on December 18, 2015 and he is male . Arthur ‘s emotional development seem to be secured by the secure attachment he possible has with his parents. He is very independent and a happy little boy. Compared to his peers , he is an easy going child ( Steinberg, Bornstein , Vandell & Rook pg 160). The Autonomy versus…

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