Research on Uk Supermarket Essay

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Introduction 3
Literature Review 5
Methodology 8
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Conclusion 20
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Understanding the consumers’ shopping habits is the perpetual goal for the supermarket chains. This research aims to investigate and analyze the customers’ attitudes and perceptions towards the supermarkets’ store brands in UK supermarkets, to help the supermarkets successfully brand and market their own products. In order to achieve this purpose, 46 questionnaires were given to GU and GIC students by face to face and via email. More specifically, the questions inquire the
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This study begins by analyzing the literature review. It will then go on to the methodology section, after that, the findings and discussion parts will be present. Finally, it will be the conclusion.

Literature Review

1. Introduction
The role and value of store brands have been changing rapidly (Semeijn et al., 2004:247), narrowing the gap between store brands products’ prices and quality with other national brands (Burt, 2000:875). Much of the prior research emphasized on consumers’ attitudes and perceptions toward the supermarket store brands in UK can be represented by a low price and high quality, moreover, good store image relative to the products, environment, service, layout and store name can play a positive part on influencing consumers’ attitudes toward store brands.

In this competitive environment, supermarket chains need to understand the motivation behind the shopping habits of their customer base in order to successfully brand and market their products. The purpose of this paper is to determine the consumers’ attitudes and perceptions toward store brands in quality, price and store image based on UK supermarkets. It will start from a review presented by focusing on circling around customers’ attitudes and perceptions towards store brands quality. Then store brand image will be analyzed. Finally, a conclusion and some suggestions for

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