Essay on Research on Omega Watches

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Research Proposal for OMEGA Watches

Executive summary:
This paper investigates into the brand equity of a Swiss company Omega .This research has been taken up as a measure to investigate into the preferences of Indian people in the luxury watch segment. In this paper, the comparison has been made across three categories- luxury quotient, brand preference and quality. An interpretation will be established along with the data collected from 100 respondents in quantitative research.Convenient sampling method will be used.
Background :
The Indian watch market is estimated to be Rs.15 Billion in the year 2010-11.Majorly sought after brands include Rolex,Rado,Omega,Cartier,Breguet,etc.
With increased demand, the luxury goods market is
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It refers to the technique or the procedure the researcher would adopt in selecting some sampling units from which inferences about the population is drawn. Sampling design is determined before any data are collected.
Convenient Sampling technique was adopted. In this method the researcher select those units of the population in the sample, which appear convenient to him or the management of the organization where he is conducting research.

Sample size would be probably 100,and data would be collected from people residing in Greater Noida .


Name: ____________________
Phone Number: ____________________Email id: ____________________
1)What is the first brand of watches off the top of your mind? * Omega * )Rolex * Rado * Fast-Track * Others(please specify)
2) Which brand of watch do you own at present? * Rolex * Omega * Titan * Fast track * Others (please specify)
3) Which is the next watch brand that you are planning to buy? * Rolex * Omega * Rado * Titan * Others ( Please Specify)
4) Reason for your preference? * Quality * Functionality * Brand image * Fashionable * Value for money
5) Media which are influential in decision-making of buying a watch * Internet * Radio * Television * Word-of-mouth * Magazines * Any other (specify) 6) Please provide your opinion on

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