Research on How Importance of Teenagers Using Iphone Essay

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Research on how importance of teenagers using IPhone


Why do people use IPhone more than other phones? What is iphone charm of expression? IPhone and app store have brought us an unprecedented using of space. The first Iphone is to use all the gravity due sensing and capacitive screens, gravity sensor so that a lot of software and games have new play; the experience is new and impressive. About the hardware of the ISO's are simple and intuitive, rapid response, gorgeous interface that makes the product user experience unusually high. Although we think that the Iphone hardware is not the strongest and the software may not be the best. We think that the combination of hardware and software and on the basis shown that user
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Also we knew the relationship between teenagers and “Apple” products.

The questionnaire set was very simple, thus a significance level of 5% which is strong evidence was chosen. A two-tail hypothesis test was conducted as it is required to find out whether there is different in the population proportion only.

In the test, we just used the question 2: Are you using I Phone? It is because we needed to test the different to boys and girls using. In the bar chart, we used the proportion to show the data, because it can be eased to understand the data.

I.e. (1) =question 1 answer; (2) =question 2 answer


“Are you using I Phone? (Boys)” (A1)
Sample size (n1): 80 “Are you using I Phone? (Girls)” (A2)
Sample size (n2): 80


1) H0 : A1 = A2
H1: A1≠A2

2) A5% significance is adopted. So. ∝=0.05,that z= ±1.96

3) Since, we have two sample, so we use the test statistic is


We have,

P1 =0.45; p2 =0.64
Pc = 80×0.45+80×0.6480+80 = 0.545


z= 0.45-0.640.545(1-0.545)0.45+0.545(1-0.545)0.64
= -0.190.24880+0.24880
= -2.413

Since -2.413<-1.96 , so we reject H0. It means there is difference of boys and girls to using IPhone.


The chart above shown the result of the importance for Hong Kong people to use iPhone that we can see male has occupied the ratios the most as 75%.The reason for teenagers to buy iPhone because iPhone had occupied the world

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