Research On Funds Of Knowledge Essay

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The funds of knowledge are an asset that teachers can use to expand the knowledge of the student they have. According to funds of knowledge for scholars “Funds of knowledge is a familiar phase to almost any teacher of culturally and/ or linguistic diverse students” (David, pg.3). This statement is a powerful one since teacher and students share their knowledge through their culture and diversity variety. A teacher when is only in the classroom environment only he or she does not learn as much from students as when home visits are made. Home visits should not be only made when students are not behaving in class or have issues.
As a result, school districts should encourage teacher home visits with the intent that the teacher goes with an open mind to learn the realities that the student faces on a daily basis. As stated in the study Teacher research on funds of knowledge: Learning from households “Once teachers enter household as learners-as researches seeking to construct a template for understanding and tapping into concrete life experiences of their students-the conventional model of a home visits was turned on its head”(Gonzales, Moll, Floyd, Rivera, Rendon, &Amanti, 1993, p.7). The household of the student is filled with such useful fund of knowledge that can be implemented into the lesson plan of teacher to support the school curriculum.
Furthermore, students have obtained knowledge from their parents since they were little they were the first teachers of their…

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