Research on Domestic Violence Against Men Essay

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The focus of this paper is to bring more public awareness to domestic violence against men. Our research proved that little or no concerns are given to battered men who cry out for help from the law enforcement; in most cases minimum rights are given to them in court. Domestic violence against men is not being addressed with a sense of urgency as it is for women. Limited resources are available for the abused men and minimum funding are provided for assistance of any kind. Statistics show that domestic violence reported rate may be higher for women than men since men tend to hide the abuse due to pride and society stereotype. There is a great need for equal opportunity for the abused victim whether that individual is a male
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DVA was founded in 1983, and is a twelve-step group that provides support to both male and female victims of abuse. In addition, Battered Husbands Support is an online support group that may give vital information to those seeking assistance. Based Guys is another online forum for those who suffer from abuse at the hand of their female partners (Quest Diagnostic, 2004). The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) is the most informative avenue for information on support for domestic violence victims (male and female alike). They provide the victim with information such as legal advice, counseling information, and where to find safe shelter if need be. There are currently hotlines established where victims could speak to licensed mental health counselors and attorneys (FCADV, 2002). In addition, our welfare program is also available to domestic violence victims, whether male or female. Their services include, but are not limited to, peer support groups, mental health counseling, and even assistance in filing an injunction for protection.

Shelters There are currently 40 statewide certified centers for domestic violence (FCADV, 2004). Those shelters available to male victims, who require a safe haven from an abuser, are few are far between. This may be due to the fact that there just aren't enough males coming forward to let the need to be known, or because of the lack of funds allocated for such a service. A gentleman

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