Essay on Research on Density

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Density: Using Experimental Techniques to Solve an Inquiry based problem

The topic of this experiment is Density. The objective is to find two ways in which the density of a given object can be determined, and to find out which of the two ways is more accurate and hence better to use in such a case. The two methods used in this experiment are finding the dimensions of the object and water displacement. These are two ways of finding the volume of an object, and they were chosen since the density of an object may be found using its mass and its volume. The experiment yielded two different density values, however when error analysis was conducted, the water displacement method was proven to be more accurate.

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Procedure 1 shows that the volume of the triangular object given is 87.50cm3 while procedure2 yielded a volume of 20 mL. 1mL is equivalent to 1cm3; therefore we can say that procedure 2 yielded a volume of 20cm3, so that we can compare both quantities more easily. These are obviously 2 very different findings, and to determine which one is more accurate we would have to conduct an error analysis, which was also done following the experiment. Procedure one, required using the dimensions of the object to calculate the volume. The object given is a triangular solid. In order to find the volume of an object of this nature, it is necessary to find the area of the base or triangular face of the object and multiply it by the width or length between the two faces on the object. face of object width(distance between faces)

Procedure 2 required for the object to be placed into a beaker containing water, noting the volumes of water before and after the object is placed into the water. The difference between the initial and final volumes of water in the beaker should give the volume of the object placed in it. The object however,

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