Research on Chinese Luxury Outbound Tourism Essay

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Research of China Luxury Outbound Travel Market

Tianyi Zhao

Table of Contetns 1 Abstract 2 Market Overview 3.1 Market Size 3.2 Market Value 3.3 Market Growth 3 Demand Analysis 4.4 Demographics Population Geographic Distribution Gender 4.5 Traveler Profile Trip Frequency and Length Trip Purpose and Period Travel Spending Planning Preference 4 Supply Analysis 5.6 Overview 5.7 Company Introduction 5.8 Product 5.9 Marketing 5.10 Price 5 Conclusion 6.11 Overview 6.12
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In usual, those riches make 3 outbound trips per year in average. And it is reasonable to suppose that active affluent travelers normally take two short trips (no more than 4 days) and two long trips (between 8 and 10 days) a year. It would be convenient to define an active traveler as being both dedicated ( more than 20 days vacation per year) and frequent ( travel more than 5 times a year). The number of active affluent travelers comprises 20% multimillionaires, about 20% of billionaires, and 30% of the multibillionaires. Obviously, all those people are the potential market and target group we should focus on.

3.2.2 Trip Purpose and Period
Trip purposes of Chinese affluent travelers vary considerably across wealth, gender, and age. While billionaires prefer business travel, both multimillionaires and multibillionaires take more leisure trips. Besides, there are significantly more females traveling for leisure than males. And affluent travelers under there 30s are most eager for leisure travel while those above their 50s are least eager for leisure travel.

Besides, almost 40% of the wealthy individuals prefer to take their vacation besides the national holidays. There are 23% of them plan to do vacation on summer because off their kids. And 17% and 14% o them usual enjoy their time during National Day and Spring Festival.
3.2.3 Travel Spending
Chinese Affluent people spent about 5% of their total asset per year.

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