Research of Restaraunt for Business Research Essay

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Table of Contents Introduction 3 Research Objectives 3 Research Questions 4 Answers to Research Questions 5 Answer to Research Question 1. 5 Answer to Question 2. 6 Answer to Question 3. 7 Answer to Question 4. 8 Answer to Question 5. 9 Answer to Question 6. 10 Recommendations for the Remington’s Restaurant 11 References 14


The Remington restaurant, located in Tampa Florida, wanted to better understand their customer’s views and opinions of the restaurant by using a survey method. This method would reveal the perception of the customer to see what category the Remington restaurant is in, what performance the customer expects, and how satisfied the customers are when they leave the Remington
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The observational method would not be effective because it would only tell one the behavior of the people such as body language. The experimental method would require a laboratory setting and would not be practical. The main goal for the research is to find out how the customers perceive the performance of the restaurant and their satisfaction. Also, the Remington’s Restaurant wants to know how their customers select a restaurant.
Answer to Question 2.

The purpose for this section is to answer the second question. The second question is; what is the demographic profile of the average Remington Restaurant customer? The main variables are as follows: the children who live at home, viewed advertisements, gender, income, age, and familiar competitors. The questionnaire was simple and easy to understand. The applicant had to answer just one number on each question. On the table below one will see the demographic of people who visit the Remington’s Restaurant most often. In statistics the number (or in this case the persons) that occur most frequently is the mode. The information is from the results from the survey taken by customers.

Table 1: Demographic Description of the Remington Restaurant’s customers
Variable Central Tendency Result Std. Deviation
Age 3 35-49 1
Gender 0 Male 0
Number of Children 1 1 to None 1
Advertisements 0 No 0
Income 2 35k-50k 1
Competitors 1

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