Research Methodology Essay

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Final Project
Date: 03/06/2011

Subject: Research Methodology

Course: MBA

Project Title: Role of Incentives in Performance Management

Submitted By:

Azim Ul Shan 053

Faran Iqbal 005

Farooq Javed 061

Arslan Dogar 063

Section/Batch: A/B6

Submitted To: Rana Nadir Idrees

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

Sahiwal Campus


The unstructured interview is done by the NASIR HAMMID DOGAR of the branch manager of the HBL.
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6. Are employee’s goals are aligned with the organization goals?

Employees are provided with every subsidy according to their requirement so they are advised to work for the best interest of the organization not for their personal interest.

7. What do you mean by role and position of departmental in charge?

The departmental in charge is the person who manage the system of the bank in such away the rules which are formulate in the best interest of the organization should be fulfilled and his role clear his position in the organization as a in charge.

8. What do you think to what extent level of coordination exists among the various departments of the organization?

It is the policy of our bank to work as a team whole bank has different parts which combine it into a one so each department has its own importance in the bank.

9. What is span of control in the organization?

There is central control which is high but here is departmental control and each department has to complete its work to complete the whole work of the bank.

10. What are the different types of rewards being offered to the employees?

Direct Payments:

Are in the form of wages, salaries, incentives, commissions, and bonus.

Indirect Payments:

This mode of payment is not related to cash payments like Medical, insurance, residence, car, car

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