Essay Research Methodology For A Research Project

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This document explains different research methodologies and the different methods of those research methodologies. Also providing comparisons between these methods, touching on similarities and differences. An overview of three different research methods also compares the advantages and disadvantages for a research project.

In research, the target audience of the research project needs to be decided as who the project is aimed towards can largely effect the outcome of data. This is known as a sample. There are two types of sampling methods which can be used when targeting particular audiences: a random sample and a snowball sample. A random sample is where any individual of any age, gender, background etc. is selected to participate in the project; providing a variation of individuals with no specific target to any group. A snowball sample is where a participant is asked to pass on the project (questionnaire, interview questions etc.) to others, with the data being sent back to the project leader upon completion. For example, a project leader hands five questionnaires to an individual, asking the individual to fill in and hand back one and hand out the remaining four questionnaires to their colleagues, friends, family etc.
Both sampling methods could provide a variation of data from different groups as long as the snowball sample was aimed at any individual. If the snowball sample was aimed towards a particular group of individuals (asking the individual to hand remaining…

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