Essay on Research Method Case Scenario

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The Research Method Case Scenario A. The research scenario question I choose that could be studied using the scientific method is question 1: How much do reading scores change from the beginning of the school year to the end of the school year? “Scientific method is an approach to knowledge that relies on collecting data, generating a theory to explain the data, producing testable hypotheses based on the theory, and testing those hypotheses empirically” (Morris & Maistro, 2012, pg 8). The steps of the scientific method that I will be taking to conduct my research are: ask the question, do background research, construct a hypothesis, test my hypothesis by doing an experiment, analyze my data and draw a conclusion, and communicate my …show more content…
In addition, this research method is more varied than the behaviors that might take place in a laboratory (Morris & Maistro, 2012, pg 25). One of the major drawbacks to this research is that the observer might reflect their own preexisting bias to the results (Morris & Maistro, 2012, pg 25).
The second method that I choose to use is the Correlational Research. In this research I will select a number of ten students, five of them being female and the other five being male students. I will make sure that these students are from the same grade group but from different classrooms. These students will be given a number of exercises to do throughout the school year. I will record which student does better on which exercise and see which students are progressing the most throughout the school year. As the end of the school year approaches I will be able to conclude which students showed a more constructive improvement, a negative improvement, or no improvement at all in their reading skills. This research method is helpful because it shows the relationship between the two different variables. The variables being the gender and the grade level of the students. It is beneficial because it allows the prediction of behavior (Morris & Maistro, 2012, pg 27). The disadvantage of this research method is that it does not permit researchers to draw conclusions

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