Research Method About Absenteeism Essay

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This report represents the endless effort of a continuous learning process involving many individuals. For those who have contributed their time and ideas are sincerely appreciated especially to my lecturer Dr. Norzuwana Bt Sumarjan and Puan Zurinawati Bt Mohi. Without their ideas and criticism, this report would be null and meaningless. My gratitude also goes to our fellow classmates, who have given us inspiration and motivation to come out with this report. Not forgetting our thanks to our housemates for their time and efforts in giving us the strength to finish up this report in time.

We also would like to thank our seniors who have guided us on preparing the report. Last but not least, thanks to our beloved
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Students were encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions on the course topics. That would make the attendance in classes is more important.

1.2. PROBLEM STATEMENT A major problem facing schools is how to effectively deal with student absenteeism and truancy (Courtesy Hocking, 2008). Adam C. Knowlton, University of Nebraska, argue that if the textbook is closely covered, students may be less attentive within lecture and discussion because they know that they can read the material from the book. According to Newman Wedesango and Severino Machigambi, researcher from Centre for Learning and Teaching Development from Walter Sisulu University, the university education is suffering because they have to work part time. The parents of students with attendance problems also believe that keeping their children away from school for family holidays, health related appointments along with any illness, come before school attendance (Tom Clay, March 2006) One way communication process that does not suit to all learners and in fact may hinder the interaction (Joanne Cleary, June 2007). ‘Students that have poor or conflicting relationship with lecturers, will avoid come college in order to avoid the lecturer’, by Courtney Hocking (2008). ‘Because the families are poor, parental job issues take a toll on their student’s ability to attend school. While parents are out of the home trying to acquire an income, students are left at

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