Research Essay, Angel Levine

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The Supernatural, a manifestation attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature (Literary Jewels), examples of that would be ghosts, angels, and gigantic human sized bugs. The story containing supernatural elements may have a religious purpose, such the role of angels and demons in Islam, Judaism and Christianity; or the supernatural elements may portray notions about reality such as issues in social justice, discrimination, or alienation and the sense of belonging. Of course, there are many ways to incorporate supernatural elements in novels and movies, but we will focus on two works that describe the issues and factors of alienation and belonging. Franz Kafka and Bernard Malamud are two talented authors …show more content…
One clear evidence was when his sister and mother were trying to increase the space in his room by moving out some of his old furniture, he suddenly realizes what was happening, part of him appreciated the gesture, knowing that there is still a connection between him and his family, but the other part of him did not want to lose the precious memories that he cherished in his room, the desk that he sat on for countless hours doing work and assignments, to the picture frame of a woman in fur one the wall. He then panics and covers picture frame so that he does not lose that memory that was part of his human self. The other evidence was that fact that he was unwilling to move on to a an environment that he will be more adapted to as an insect; Gregor decides to stay at home, just like his father, he begins to depend on his family for support. Because Gregor was holding onto the past, he was unable or maybe even unwilling to move on with his new life. One point of view is that Gregor was willing to sacrifice his new found freedom from all his burdens for the sake of keeping connection with his family, where he used to belong; a life of a bug can be a lonely path. His inability to move on may have been a combination of two reasons, the first was his dependence on his family, much like his father, and the second would be hope, hope that one day he could be

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