Research Essay : A Video Game

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Research Essay: Part One It started with dolls. I could make them live lives that I couldn’t. I could make them happy, when I felt like happiness was inaccessible. I could give them cars and televisions that I hadn’t had. But unfortunately, I knew that time was flying by, and that dolls would soon be labeled, “too young” for me. My first impression of a social was dressed head to toe in all black, and lived with an angry expression, and although she was virtual, she had a lasting image. I had just received a video game that would help me extend the life of my imagination. A video game where I was responsible for the wellbeing of several virtual families. I had no idea how to play it, so I assumed I would ‘play it by ear.’ I would to play feeding the characters ‘by ear’, I would play getting them jobs by ear, I would play helping them with their homework by ear, and it was a complete disaster. They all ended up starving, their children never went to school, their house caught fire, and right when I was starting to get the hang of the game, the social worker- dressed in all black, with an angry expression- showed up on their door step, and removed the children from my control. That was all I ever knew about social workers- they are the ones that work for CPS. Their jobs were so important, they had roles in some video games. They were underpaid, mostly women, and wore pants suits. And although those are only some aspects of the job, they are not what spiked my interest.…

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