Essay about Research Article On Children And Mother Risk Factors

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Research Article Critique

1. Describe the type of research used in this study (Exploratory or Descriptive or Explanatory). What type of research was used? Provide the reference.
The type of research used in this article was exploratory. The authors wanted to explore what was causing preschoolers to behave a certain way. What contributed to internalizing behavior problems? Was it familial factors or academic factors? In their article, Internalizing Problems in At Risk Preschoolers: Associations with Child and Mother Risk Factors, Burlaka, Bermann, & Graham-Bermann (2015) outlined an quantitative research design involving 183 preschoolers from 15 Head Start school programs which were recruited from rural and urban areas in Michigan. The authors undertook a research study to examine factors contributing to internalizing behavior problems among preschoolers. My examination thoroughly focuses on specific aspects of the article in terms of the validity of research methods and results. I have attempted to develop a cohesive and unified explanation that not only explain the particulars of the research but also devise a clear interpretation of that research throughout. According to the article, the research itself is based on exploring the factors of internalizing behavior problems using a quantititative research design and a cross sectional non-experimental method. (Burlaka, Bermann, Graham- Bermann (2015)

2. What was the…

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