Research And Study Social Problems Essay

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What are the major methods of research (research designs) used by sociologists to study social problems? Explain and describe each one, with an example. BE SPECIFIC

Research is very important to sociologists. Research is the evidence for all their hypothesis’s so it is necessary for them to do research with the utmost accuracy to prove their theories correct. There are many different methods to research and study social problems. Some methods of research used by sociologists are surveys, archival research, experiments, and direct observation. Direct research is when a sociologist actually goes out and see’s his research in action. An example of direct research would be if a sociologist is studying homelessness, the sociologist may actually go into a homeless shelter and have lunch with the other individuals who are homeless to see if their studies about being homeless are true. Direct research is a very reliable method of research in sociology. It is a method that will give very reliable information. Another method of research is surveys. Surveys are when a sociologist will actually go out and ask questions, whether it be by word of mouth or on paper. For example, if a sociologist is studying crime rate in New York, they may go create a survey and ask a designated amount of people if they have ever stolen from a store. They could be more specific or broad about the topic. They could ask if it they had ever stolen in their life, or they could ask if they have stolen in…

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