Essay about Research and Analysis

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Research and analysis

Research and analysis


In an organisation, managers lead people towards meeting its objectives. ‘The process of planning, organising, leading and controlling the effort of organisation members and of using all organisation resource to achieve stated organisational goals’ has been described as management. Managers has been a part of organisation from very early stage of its history.

1. In the article we are analysing, I believe the main argument is about if we actually need managers, especially in fields like engineering where workers want to spend their time designing and debugging, not communicating with bosses or supervising other workers’ progress. 2. Google, as stated
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* Express interest in team member’s success and personal wellbeing – Every managers should know their team members more than just employee. Getting to know them personally can provide a great positive impact on managing them. * Being productive and result oriented – To help a team being more productive, managers should always be there to achieve goals and remove obstacles. That’s how employees can provide maximum result which every organisation expects. * Good communicator and listen to team – Without proper communication, a team with best employees managing by best manager will fail. Managers need to talk to the team and listen to them carefully. Sometimes team members provide the idea which make the project successful. * Helping employees with career development – Every employees expect that their hard will get noticed and help furthering their career. Managers should always appreciate their team member’s work and help them with career development. * Clear vision and strategy for the team – Managers should always have plan and strategy for the team to lead them from front. With their team, managers will be awarded with success with plan and clear vision. * Technical skill – Without proper knowledge, managers will never be able to lead a team and bring success. To lead the team they need to have technical skill and knowledge.

For many organisation, it will be easier to adopt the findings from Google

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