Res/351 Business Research Final Exam Essay

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1) Northwest Airlines applied mathematical models to determine which customers in its database were currently responsible for most of its profitability and which customers were not currently profitable but had similar characteristics to the most profitable customers. Northwest Airlines utilized _____ to identify these customers.
A. computer programming
B. data warehousing
C. customer relationships management
D. data mining
2) Minute Maid sees research as the fundamental first step in any business decision, and it created proprietary methods for conducting research. At what level of the hierarchy of business decision makers does Minute Maid operate?
A. Top tier
B. Middle tier
C. Base tier
D. Foundation tier
3) Which of the
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A. Choice of purpose
B. Evaluation of solutions
C. Troubleshooting
D. Control
9) In the Southeast, the potato chip market share held by the Lays brand is 46%. This is an example of _____.
A. a research question
B. a descriptive hypothesis
C. a relational hypothesis
D. an explanatory hypothesis
10) An increase in hours of television viewing leads to increases in the sales of snack foods. This is an example of a _____.
A. research question
B. descriptive hypothesis
C. correlational hypothesis
D. causal hypothesis
11) To be categorized as a customer, an individual must have a history of shopping at the establishment at least twice before the start of the study with expenditures of more than $10. This is an example of _____.
A. a hypothetical construct
B. a conceptual scheme
C. an operational definition
D. a dictionary definition
12) James is entering data on client gender. Because the values entered reflect male or female, this variable is _____.
A. discrete
B. dichotomous
C. continuous
D. ratio-scaled
13) Which variable in an experiment is the variable expected to be affected by the manipulation?
A. Dependent variable
B. Extraneous variable
C. Moderating variable
D. Independent variable
14) Qualitative research seeks to _____ theory while quantitative research _____ it.
A. examine; interprets
B. build; tests
C. test; understands
D. apply; builds
15) Which of

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