Requirements Of An Individualized Education Program Essay

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In schools all around the U.S, there are teachers who do not follow certain regulations. The biggest problem is when they refuse to follow IEPs. Following IEPs harms the student and the school. The use of conformity and obedience would surly help in increase the amount of IEP compliance. An Individualized Education Program, or IEP, is a set of instructions tailored to a child with a disability so that he or she can receive accommodation to aid in his or her education. According to the NCES, in the years 2003 and 2004- it was found that 56.85% of schools in PA had at least one student with an IEP. This would then increase to 99.4% by 2007-2008 (NECS). With so many students requiring an IEP, it is important for teachers to follow these guidelines so their (the students’) education is maximized. However, not all teachers following these regulations. I myself have a sister one who needs an IEP for attention issues. However, there was always at least one teacher per year who caused trouble by not only refusing to follow her IEP, but also treated her more as a nuisance rather than a student. My mother was tempted a few time to sue the school as a result. I saw firsthand the negative effect that not following an IEP had on my sister. She was very frustrated and upset and had a very hard time in class. She did poorly despite studying hard. This was not because she did not know the information, but rather that the teachers did not accommodate her. They did not double check that…

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