Essay about Requirements Engineering and Management

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Kingston University London Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing
MSc in IT & Strategic Innovation with Management Studies COURSEWORK MODULE Requirements Engineering and Management Valentinos Case Study

MODULE LEADER DR J. Chattratichart Submission deadline 10am on 16 November 2012 K1201437 Muhammad Gara Abdulrahman

Question 1:
Project Initiation products
Project vision statement
For customers who want to use the match making service to look for
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| SHOULD | 11 – Make Payment | Customer can pay for their membership through the site. | MUST | 12 – Disable Profile | Customer should be able to disable his/her profile whenever they want to. | SHOULD |

A list of at least 5 non-functional requirements:

* Accessibility and usability: Customers will be able to use the website on their mobile phones or iPads to access the new Valentinos website. The new system will allow customers to interact more flexibly and also by linking them to their Facebook page or twitter.

* Efficiency: the system should allow users to access and register within 3-5mins maximum and in no time generate relevant information to the customers. The system will lessen information required, this is to shorten time and to meet target. More time spent signing up discourages customer.

* Security: The new system will have a very strong encryption and stronger use of password mixed with Cap lock and Numbers; this is to keep customer information confidential and secured. Customers

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