Requirement 1 Prepare Budget Information Research Assignment

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Assessment Task 1: Element 1 Prepare Budget Information Research Assignment.

1. Mountain View Hotel organisational chart, profit or cost center and people who are involved in the budget committee.
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Your celebrity chef for the fine dining restaurant has upset all the staff by constantly bullying them and regularly having temper tantrums. One of your directives from the General Manager is to deal with the situation. List and describe 2 potential impacts this could have on the budgets you are writing.


Bullying in the workplace is very sensitive case. The reason is because both sides get problem to deal with it. The impacts are extra expenses on:

1. Paying compensation to the victims because of the trauma. The worst case is to deal with legal suit which paying higher expenses on court and lawyer.

2. Hiring new staff because the old staff too traumatises to go back to work. Hiring new staff will need to spend more on training, uniform and time. Time is money.

5. Download a recent news article from the internet that could impact on the Mountain View Hotel, correctly reference this document. Explain what implications this external factor may have on the budgets you are writing and detail why?


Based on Herald Sun news, July 06 2012, Aussie hotel prices to rise
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In addition, I also need to consider last accounting period won’t be the same with current or next accounting period and how the prices effect during budgeted period.

The introduction of carbon tax has reflected change on products prices, energy fee, and wages. The budgeting forecast will consider higher than before to meet up with business goal profit.

6. List and explain two ways that your inclusion in the Mountain View’s budget committee allows you and your team and opportunity to be involved in ensuring that the budget is achievable and will assist in meeting the organisation goal and objectives.


Meeting is important and apply to any business especially big business. From the meeting:
1. Each department representative may give ideas, suggestions, complaint and supports to each other. Managers will talk and listen and they may come up with objections, agreement, what changes can be made and how to achieve them.
2. Open discussion about recent issues, solution and agreement. This will help to discuss conflict and disagreement between parties. As the key to business’s goal is to work in a team and support each

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