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SRFP (PS8) has 6 Sections, of which Section 1 (Instruction to Consultants) and Section 3 (General Conditions of Contract) must not be altered or modified under any circumstances.

The Client addresses its specific needs through the information provided in the Proposal Data Sheet (PDS) and the Particular Conditions of Contract (PCC) as well as in the detailed requirements of the procurement in the Terms of Reference (ToR).

Guidance notes in brackets and italics are provided for both the Client and the Applicants and, as such the Client should carefully decide what notes need to remain and what other guidance notes might be required to assist the Applicant in preparing its Proposal Submission; so as to minimise the inept Selection Process.

SRFP (PS8), when properly completed will provide all the information that a Consultant needs in order to prepare and submit a Proposal. This should provide a sound basis on which a Client can fairly, transparently and accurately carry out an evaluation process on the proposals submitted by the Consultants.

SRFP (PS8) duly tailored may also be used for the purpose of Single Source Selection Method.

The following briefly describes the Sections of the SRFP (PS8) and how a Client should use these when preparing a particular Request for Proposal.

Section 1. Instructions to Consultants (ITC)

This Section provides relevant information
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