Republicans Vs. Democrats : The Political Landscape Of This Country Is Governed By Two Major Parties

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Republicans VS. Democrats
The political landscape of this country is governed by two major parties, Democrats and Republicans (Eleanor, n.d.). Democrats do not just consist of people who are working to help the people with less income. Republicans do not only work for the people with a higher tax bracket. There are so many people that do not fully understand what these two parties consist of. In order to understand the differences and beliefs between them, it is important to understand the history of each party, and the motives they have for becoming a Democrat or a Republican. There are numerous differences between these two parties including taxes, the role of government, Social Security and Medicare, gun control, immigration, healthcare, abortion, and gay rights.

The two political parties were formed in the mid to late 1800’s. For the Democratic Party, its roots can be traced back to Thomas Jefferson. The people were originally known as Jefferson’s Republicans. They were against to the Federalist Party, as well as their views. The Democrats implemented the donkey as their symbol due to Andrew Jackson, and his popular position of “let the people rule”. The Democratic National Committee was officially created in 1848. During the Civil War a conflict arose within the party between those who were for slavery, and those who were against it. The division is what led to the birth of the Democratic Party that we know of today (Eleanor, n.d).

The Republican Party came into the…

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