Republican Motherhood And The Cult Of Domesticity Essay

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The United States of America gained a reputation throughout their world for equality. Tolerance of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press were revolutionary rights that the United States uniquely founded as a base for their nation. Compared to European countries, America was like no other. However, the women of the country were not equal and they did not have the same opportunity as males. After the American Revolution, “republican motherhood,” had rooted itself in the society of America. The “cult of domesticity” developed to promote women in their natural work environment, the home. While “republican motherhood” and the “cult of domesticity” were held in the hearts of many Americans, these goals were not obtainable by all women. The women of lower classes in society and African Americans were unable to obtain the goals of “republican motherhood” and the “cult of domesticity” because of their economic and social status. Additionally, these same principles suffocated the efforts of educated, upper class women to gain equality. Lower class women worked for twelve hours a day in factories while slavery in the South separated women from their families. Reformers were unable to achieve the social and economic equality they desired because of the stereotypes produced by “republican motherhood” and the “cult of domesticity.”

Religious movements often gave women a greater feeling of equality within the church. Additionally, because women were more faithful and…

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