Essay about Reproductive Technology Is Not A Genetic Shopping List

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Reproductive technology is not a genetic shopping list; it is a way for couples to achieve the goal of having a baby. It also gives hope to the woman who though they would never be able to conceive a baby of their own. There are a vast number of advances happening in the reproductive world with medicine. These advances are to benefit the major of society in counting their generation to come. This process isn’t just about deciding what gender or eye color you want your child to have.
Reproductive technology has become favor popular since the world’s first in vitro fertilization baby, Louise Brown, in the United Kingdom. The history of IVF dates back as early as the 190’s when Walter Heape, a professor at the University of Cambridge reported the first known case of embryo transplantation in rabbits. The first human IVF pregnancy was in 1973 reported by professors Carl Wood and John Leeton in Melbourne, Australia. Since the birth of Louise Brown on July 25th 1978 was followed by the birth of Courtney cross on October 16th 1978 and Alastair MacDonald on January 14th 1979. The world’s first tree IVF babies. Since then, IVF has become a common procedure with a record of more than 5 million births worldwide. Reproductive technology is used to achieve pregnancy in procedures such as fertility medication, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization. (ASRMP, 2004) people assume that having the perfect looking child is everything, is it really that big of a deal? Research…

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