Reproductive Medicine On Human Body Essay

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It was in the year of 1827 when scientist first discovered that the female body contains what is called today eggs. Back then, medicine called them ova based on its Latin name. However, it took scientists nearly sixteen years to discover that conception occurs through the connection of sperm from the male reproductive system with an egg from the female reproductive system. From this significant discovery in 1827, reproductive medicine slowly began developing step-by-step with each year adding something new to the research.
From then until now, many famous scientists have been putting enormous effort towards fully examining and understanding all processes that take place in human body. After almost two hundred years, reproductive medicine significantly improved. Years of research led physicians to conduct extremely complicated medical procedures which were never known before. Undeniably, one of the most significant discoveries in the field of reproductive medicine was In vitro fertilization method (IVF).
Many medical books describe that very first successful in vitro fertilization was conducted in England in 1975 by two scholars, doctor Robert Edwards and doctor Patrick Steptoe. Other sources, however, inform that in reality the first baby from IVF was aborted due to defects. (Kohen)
When Dr. Steptoe and Dr. Edwards found out that one of their patients, Lesley Brown, had blocked fallopian tubes which completely prevented her from getting pregnant, they proposed to her and…

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