Repression And The Chinese Cultural Movement Essay

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In Chinese literature, there are prominent themes of repression that arose during the time period of Mao Zedong’s rule and the Chinese Cultural Movement. During this movement, the original Chinese culture was repressed by communists who attempted to reform society. Those who resisted these reforms were murdered. These events set the stage for the theme of repression to make its way into Chinese literature. To reflect this theme, Chinese authors used the literary devices of visual consistency, conflict between two forces, and allusion to actual events.
The first literary device used was visual consistency of lines and stanzas in poems. In some Chinese poems, consistency was used to force a reader to read in between the lines. Rather that watch words undulate across a page, the consistent visual structure creates the need to read back through to understand the content. “Reason 's mansion collapses without a sound...are filled with blind toadstools.” (Dao 146) The consistency creates the desire to think on content thus allowing the reader to realize that in this author 's life, reason has become nothing in their repressed world. Consistency was often used to draw attention to specific parts of a poem. Stanzas of the same or similar length were used to draw attention to a specific point in a poem. For example, this quote: “a perpetual stranger am I to myself. I fear the dark, but block with my body the only lamp.”(Dao 147) The author draws attention to the unknown person by…

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