Representations Of African American Culture Essay

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Representations of African Americans in Media: in the past and now
Individuals have been labeling things since the stone ages to entertain or occupy themselves in their free time. The consequences of these classifications are the current cultural stereotypes that highlight the variances between people of unlike nationalities. Based on recent movies and television shows one would believe that the United States is not diverse at all looking from outside American culture into American culture. Media illustrations, each race in certain circumstances blacks shown only when needing an oversexed woman or thuggish man. Media makes sure that blacks are represented in this way allows the others to lower their expectations of African American overshadowing the whites around them, securing the white supremacy power and confirming the blacks know their place in society.
The definition of stereotypes is unclear, making it very difficult to grasp the deeper meaning of the reason that stereotypes exist in the first place. Based on Oxford Dictionaries, Stereotype definition as a noun: “A widely held, but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing”. This definition surprisingly allows room for interpretation, giving the human mind space to interpret the word or action the way we feel. Some individuals believe that a stereotype is not offensive when others recognize a stereotypical statement in an article full of positive feedback. Most stereotypes are…

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