Essay on Representations Of A Good Marriage

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Representations of a “good marriage” are defined as a formal union of a man and a woman’s to enrich and enjoy a lifetime inclusive bond that they make based on mutual trust, love, and respect. Marriage is a give and take relationship, and doesn 't work like a casual friendship. Marriage is really defined as “it takes two" to make your marriage work. To attain a perfect marriage, regardless of imperfections, couples establish a mutual commitment to be legally recognized in marriage. A marriage shall also be recognized by the same sex union of men and/or women who are committed to each other in marriage. Cultural society, religious, and government entity state that rights shall not be extended to same sex married couples, who fulfill these responsibilities and have just as much love and devotion based on more than sexual infatuations or gratification. Marriage doe requires equal commitment and contribution to the relationship. A good marriage is not only defined as a loving couple, but accepting to spend the rest of their lives together. It is defined as a married couple wanting to work together for their love. A really good marriage challenges each person within the union to recognize and appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses while acknowledging their contribution in the relationship.
Casual friendship situations do not relate to the slightest degree in a sincere complex and committed relationship. Any couple may live together and have sexual relations, but society…

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