Essay on Representation Of Shakespeare 's ' The Tempest '

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Representation of servants in the Tempest Tempest is Shakespeare’s last play written in 1610. Prospero is Tempest main protagonist. He is exile to an isolate island after his brother (Antonio) conspires to kill him for the desire of taking his position as a duke of Milan. Prospero manages to escape with his three years old daughter to the island. The play starts after 12 years of Prospero’s living in the Isle. The play is more like a test for Prospero to discover his wickedness and find typical way to adjust them. At the beginning, Prospero has two servants: Ariel, who has an angle power and serves him in fulfilling his magical plan, and Caliban, half human half beast, supports him in fetching wood and water. Later on in the play, Prospero receives another servant, Ferdinand, the prince of Naples, who wishes to serve him in order to marry his daughter Miranda. The three servants are totally different from each other therefore; they represent three different things for Prospero and audience as well. The play reflects the rule of Great Chain of Being in the Renaissance philosophy of the universe. This paper argues about the different representations of Prospero’s three servants: Ariel, Caliban and Ferdinand. And who is the typical representation for him to follow?
Prospero has two servants: Ariel, the soul; spirit that represent the space between angle and human being in the Great Chain of Being, and Caliban; earth that represent the space between human being and…

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