Representation Of Reality Of Aristotle And Aristotle's Definition Of Poetry

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Representation of reality
Although Aristotle’s definition of Poetry is different from ours, it starts to clarify when you read and understand his Poetics.
Aristotle was one of the main philosophers in ancient Greek. He made important contributions to mathematics, biology, physics, politics, dance, theatre and to literature. He was a student of Plato, who himself was a student of Socrates. Aristotle’s work Poetics, has completely defined poetry, how it should be written and what it should include. He believed that Art is not just an expression of the author, but it must something that is defined and disciplined. Although Aristotle’s definition of Art is different from ours, it starts to clarify when you read and understand his Poetics. His
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First is “the instinct of imitation.” He explained that imitation is one of the things that differ us from animals, and we are the most imitative creatures. Human learns through imitation, and even feels pleasure through that. The other source that leads to poetry is “instinct of harmony and rhythm.” Only the art and literature itself can fulfill it and lead to poetry, whereas our lives cannot. After this, he defined the types of poetries. Comedy imitates actions of lower class people, and was not popular since it was not treated seriously as epic and tragedy. The only thing that Epic poetry and Tragedy has similar is that, they imitate the actions of higher type. They differ in the rest; the epic poetry uses only one kind of meter, differ in their length. Aristotle did a detailed definition and description of Tragedy comparing with other …show more content…
Tragic heroes (main character) are someone who is good and noble and have potential for greatness, but their choices lead them to into the great failure. And all characters must be consistent, true to life, and appropriate to their station, in order to make a good tragedy. There are six main parts that tragedy must

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