Representation Of Power Over Women Essay example

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Throughout history Patriarchy has been a normalized form of society where men dominate over women. In the film “Wadjda”, Wadjda is a brave young girl who lives in a very patriarchal society, Saudi Arabia. Wadjda goes against the norms of her society and makes her own decisions. Throughout the movie several forms of power are seen by Wadjda, and her mother, to get what they want, such as power-over and power-too. By doing this, this film predicts that the only way a woman can get what she wants is to be like a man, or ignore men. In Saudi Arabia woman are seen as virtually nothing. They have restricted resources and are put at a great disadvantage being that they cannot go out in public without permission from a male. This type of power is referred to as power-over. Power-over is the ability of one person to carry out his will against another (Sutherland, 2013, p.151). This type of power is seen as domination, which holds the view that what it means to be a woman is powerless, and what it means to be a m an Is to be powerful (Sutherland, 2013, p.151). Throughout the film this type of power is seen by the way men have to drag women around, tell them what they can and cannot do. However, in this film something different happens, Wadjda engages in power-over, she beings to assert her dominance over people in her society. This is seen when Wadjda persuades the salesman to not sale her bike, by giving him a mix tape, and stating “We’re friends now, so don’t sell my bike”.…

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