Representation Of Minorities And English Language Learners Essay

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When picking out my paper topic, the topic of over representation of minorities and English Language Learners was something I wanted to investigate. I am currently a 5th grade teacher at a charter school in Yonkers New York. My students are either African American, immigrants from Ghana, or Latino. As a first year teacher there are many things I am learning as I go.
One of the very first meetings we had as a teaching team was to inform administration the minute we found an academically struggling student. As a new teacher this seemed overwhelming because I was worried I would over report students and then also worried I would under report students who needed help. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights investigated minorities in special education. One of the members on the commission was Mr. Zamora and within the investigation it states, “He argued that the primary reason for inappropriate student placements in special education is that teachers lack sufficient training in both special education and English language acquisition. He suggested that districts implement a pre-referral process and support continuing teacher education programs to better equip teachers to deal with such students” (Zamora, 2). This could not be more accurate, especially because I am a first year teacher and help has not been given to me on this subject. I came into the year not having a background in special education, so how could I be able to suggest who belongs where? When I ask for clarification…

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