Representation Of Gender And Sexuality Essay

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Society functions in a way where people have been categorized in terms of gender, ethnicity, class, age, sexuality, location, and so on (Gill, 2007). The advantages and disadvantages of each are unevenly distributed where some qualities of a person are considered more idyllic than other areas (Gill, 2007). This idea will be explored more specifically with the representation of gender and sexuality in media texts with what seems to be the ‘norm’ in society. The tui beer television advertisement is a media text that shows examples of what is expected of an individual’s gender and sexuality in society, and how these can cause issues.

In our culture, it is automatic and instinctive to pin point people to a certain gender, male or female. Our bodies, the social role of male or female, and the way these roles are adopted and lived out can define gender (Easthope, 2013). The physical appearance and representation of masculinity and femininity is key to the cultural understanding of gender (Allan, 2009). In the tui advertisement, the three male characters are presented as the main focus, as these are the only three that viewers see constantly throughout the advertisement. This suggests that both the commercial is aimed at men and that men should be dominant to women, seeing as there are dozens of women in the commercial but they are only shot for a short amount of time each. An example is when there is a river full of beautiful women swimming with wet clothes on, cutting to the…

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