Representation Of Films And Television Series Essay

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Representation of Transwomen in Modern Media
The transgender experience, which is depicting one 's transgression to the opposite gender that is not consistent with their biological sex, is a widely discussed and somehow controversial issue in the modern American society. It is not hard to find the engagement of some transgender actors/actress in films and television series, such as Laverne Cox with her performance in the TV series Orange Is The New Black as a trans-woman character, Sophia Burset. In addition, the portrait of transgender experience is very pervasive in the content of films and TV shows, including the TV series Transparent as a close representation of transgender experience of the father character, Mort. Through these popular media portrayals, we can easily identify the discrimination and bias received by trans-women in our society.
The show Orange Is The New Black, which is a comedy TV series about main character Piper’s experience in the federal female prison, specifically examines these happenings. In the show Laverne Cox plays a role of Sophia Burset as a trans-woman in the prison. As a trans-woman herself, Cox vividly represents the reactions to certain bias she receives in the show from a transgender perspective. Season one episode three is one of the episodes that focus on the presentation of Sophia’s transgender experience.
In the show, Sophia’s attention for her appearance is exaggerated. In the episode, she is constantly doing her make-up or…

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