Essay on Representation Of Equal Employment Opportunity

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October 15, 2016
To: All Directors, Managers and Supervisors
From: Macy Canete, Associate Director of Human Resources
Subject: RFCU Equal Opportunity Employment Policies and Strategies

With the recent announcement by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that they would be more strategic about its approach in carrying out its mission. I believe that it provides us with the perfect opportunity to review our company wide strategy to ensure that we are in compliance with the EEOC policies as well as Federal and State laws pertaining to equal employment opportunity practices.

I would like to take this time to review key aspects of Equal Employment Opportunity.
 Is Management does not have the luxury to acknowledge the existence of discrimination only when it is brought to their attention or an employee complains.
 It is not something isolated from your typical duties as a manager/supervisor.
 Lack of consideration to this facet of your manager/supervisor responsibilities can generate difficulties for management, as well as, a disturbance and unplanned expenditures for the company.

Now would be an appropriate time to make a plan to schedule a EEO training with these objectives in mind and provide management with:
 More awareness of the Federal and State’s EEO Laws and policies;
 A real-world understanding of the responsibilities of managers/supervisors;
 Strategies to decrease discrimination in the workplace;
 Knowledge of the benefits of EEO…

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