Representation Of A Democratic Nation Essay

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Many people view that America does not deserve its claim of being a democratic nation due to its lack of representation of minorities and women in our government in the past and even today. What is not accurate about this view is that the representation of the people in the past is being looked at through the beliefs and values of the people currently. Times change and with that so do ideas and beliefs and what was once democratic may not be so anymore. The nation has not remained stuck in what was once thought to be a democratic representation of the country. Representation is focused on what sex or race a person is, but it also includes the person’s beliefs, values and ideas which are the main reasons people vote for who they do in elections. America’s government and laws retain their democratic status when it comes to their representation because the people are represented in other ways besides their physical characteristics. It is also democratic as the nation allows the citizens to play a part in their government and allow people to choose who represents them in their government. Democracy is defined as a form of government that has the citizens play a significant role in. What has changed over time in this country is who has been considered citizens or even people. At the start of this country, women were not considered to be full citizens and did not share the same rights as men (Women: From the Framers, A Deafening Silence), blacks who were at the time slaves were…

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