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MGMT E-1000 Harvard University Extension School
Financial Accounting Principles Fall 2015

Instructor: Peter Pavlina:

Class Meeting Time: Thursday, 5:30-7:30 PM Eastern Time
Classroom: Sever Hall Room113
Recorded Lectures: Available on the course website, on the Virtual Classroom link in the left navigation bar,within 24 hours after the class is over Course Web Site: Please refer to the Canvas course website ( ) for further details about the course. Note that you will be asked to use your Harvard Login ID and password for access.
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In the event Susan is unable to respond or solve Connect questions, please contact Connect (McGraw Hill) directly. See Canvas for more details.

Textbook: Online version through Connect, published by McGraw Hill Financial Accounting, 8th edition, by Libby, Libby, and Short. Note that purchase of the hard copy textbook is optional. Connect access comes with an online textbook. See Canvas for further details.

Homework, Quizzes, and Exams: These will be submitted through the textbook web portal, Connect. Connect can only be accessed through Canvas. See Canvas for more details. To ensure you receive proper credit for your homework, quizzes, and exams, please be sure to be consistent with the spelling of your name across Harvard Extension School, Canvas, and Connect. Note we do not grant due date time extensions for homework since we drop 3 of the 13 homework assignments. Additionally you may have unlimited attempts to receive 100% on homework assignments. Further, we do not grant due date time extensions for quizzes or exams. Note the homework, quizzes, and exams are open book, open notes, are not proctored, and calculators are allowed. Plenty of Practice Problems are available in Connect and we encourage students to use them.

Discussion Board: Students are able to post chapter related questions on the Discussion Board through Canvas. These questions will be answered by the

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