Report on School Science Fair Essay

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Science fair during activity week

This report investigates an activity done during the activity week which took place during the third week in June 2014. The science fair was held during the fourth day and this programme was initiated to demonstrate science related experiments to the students. The experiments were based on form 5 and form 4 practical books. The science fair was conducted by teachers from science department and was divided into three different subjects; physics, chemistry and biology.
The objectives of the science fair are; 1. One of the programme during the activity week. 2. As a teaching platform to introduce physics, chemistry, and biology subject to lower secondary and for further understanding
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Voltaic cell experiments relating to salt bridge and the Daniel cell were also done to help especially form 4 and 5 students to understand the subtopic.

2.1.2 Acid and Bases
Chemistry teachers carried out experiments to show reactions between acid and other substances to study on the chemical properties of acids. The experiments help students to visualize and understand the topic.

3.0 Biology
3.1 Topics
3.1.1 Cell structure
Experiments on studying the structure and differences between cells helps the students to comprehend and examine different types of cell. By using microscope, student were able to observe and identify the structure of animal cell and plant cell. Lower secondary students were given initial expose on the form of cell before learning the cell structure topic.

3.1.2 Support and locomotion
Human skeleton and pictures of animal’s skeleton were showed and biology teachers explains about support and locomotion in both organism. Pictures of support system in human and support system in plants were also displayed and explained by the teachers.

The science fair committee can organised other types of activities like games or mini test to analysis the understanding of the students about the topics that were explained through experiments. The teachers can also asked the

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