Report On The 's Pitch Farming Has Cost His Team About Ten Runs Per Season

1005 Words Dec 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
Wellington Castillo is not a good pitch framer. Ryan wrote an article ( last week discussing how Castillo’s pitch farming has cost his team about ten runs per season. Jeff Sullivan argued ( that Castillo isn’t the Orioles’ best catcher due to his poor pitch framing ability. Nick Cicere wrote an interesting article for Camden Chat ( with some video examples showing how Castillo struggles with framing. But just because Castillo struggles with framing, does that mean he struggles evenly regardless of where a pitch is thrown? He may be bad overall, but perhaps there are certain areas where his ability to frame is acceptable.
Using ESPNs Stats and Information Trumedia Portal, I took a closer look at where Castillo has success or fails. The TruMedia portal is relatively high on Castillo’s 2016 pitch framing results, ranking him 52th out of 76 qualified catchers and rating his framing ability at only 2.70 runs below average. StatCorner reports similar results and claims he was worth -3.2 runs. Baseball Prospectus has better algorithms to measure pitch framing ability, so this could potentially mean that my dataset has a fatal flaw. Unfortunately, without access to BPs proprietary…

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