Report On The Self Report Essay

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Self- Report Measure
Before taking this class I had a very narrow idea of what a self- report survey was from introduction classes. I had no idea that there were strengths and weaknesses of a survey or what one looked like. After taking this survey and seeing the results I could see the strengths and weaknesses that are used in the self-report measure. Also after seeing the results I could see how some people would be afraid to answer truthfully if it were to be used for official police data compared to a different survey. In this paper im going to discuss what I feel are the strengths and weaknesses of the self-report measure, compare the self-report versus official police data, look to see if one data source is better than the other, if different reports are measuring different things, and discuss if this survey made me think more critically about self-report data.
First, I am going to discuss what the strengths of the self-report measure are in my view. One strength of the self-report measure is that it looks at a couple set of questions. The first question that it looks at is the prevalence of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. This differs from different surveys for example official police data because it just looks at a specific crime like the UCR (uniformed crime report) where it doesn’t look at the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of individuals. Another question that self-report surveys look at are the changes in these attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors over time.…

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