Essay on Report On The Central American Bank For Economic Integration

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Febe Eunice Sierra Molina, Architecture, University of José Cecilio del Valle
Abstract of Report Internship, Submitted January 19 2016:
Report of Internship Completed in the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI)

The goal of the present paper is to present in a detailed form the activities realized during the internship in the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). The specific aim of the internship was to design new infrastructure and renovate existing infrastructure of the Social Club of the CABEI. This projects and activities are described in the Development Plan of the company.
The Social Club of the CABEI is an important and sought out institution, therefore to satisfy its clients and keep providing the quality service for which they are known, the Development Plan was originated. The Development Plan details various projects that range from sports facilities to recreational areas and general infrastructure. In total there were fourteen projects. Each of this projects was designed using computer programs specialized for architecture. Every project was developed completely, from architectural layouts to construction layouts and its corresponding costs. This were the following projects developed:
1. Restaurant Renovation: The restaurant is an important space but it is outdated, the furniture and decoration are not modern and lack appeal, the goal was to present a modern proposal. The proposal consisted on a change of furniture,…

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