Report on Religious Field Research Essay

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Report on Religious Field Research
Joe Carter
Bob Andrews
Religion 212
June 4, 2012

Report on Religious Field Research Religion is defined by Brodd (2003) as a collection of beliefs concerning the existence of nature, the purpose of the universe, the existence of human beings, and deities. Religion is usually related to the cultural beliefs systems, which are connected to humankind, spirituality, and the moral values. There are different types of religions in the world that have different signs, beliefs, descriptions, ethnicity, and, sanctified accounts that explain the meaning and origin of life and the universe. Through the accounts ideas, principals, morals, sacred laws, and the way of life
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The show surprised me because if a person happened to call and express his or her view that God really exists, Russell and Jen would right away start to mock the person and use blasphemy to try and get their point across. As a Christian I have never seen a show like this, and I can say that no one would like what was going on during the show, because as Christians we operate and address others in love, while the show operates on disdain for everyone who has the belief that there is a high power in existence. After watching the show, I wanted to interview an atheist in order to get a full understanding of atheism. I got the chance to interview an atheist on Monday May 28 and his name is Troy Townsley. We discussed issues such as why he had decided to be an atheist, and his crucial opinion on people who are believers. During our interview, I found out that Troy was once a believer in God, since he was a child until about seven years ago when he turned into an atheist. His view now about God is that he does not see sufficient scientific evidence to support the claim that God really exists. I wondered if there was evidence that God really exists, would people like Troy believe in the evidence. Troy stated that he did not have any present evidence to show the lack of God’s existence, but incase any evidence came forward and prove that God really exists then he would believe in God. I was more surprised

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