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17th July 2015 To,
Dr. R. Khan
Lecturer, IHRM
IPC Tertiary College

Preetha Saji

Sub : Report on Padi-Cepat Case Study.

Attached is my completed report on the above subject for your reading and action. I acknowledge that this report has been written solely by me and has not been copied or replicated from any sources. Articles, books, websites and other sources referred have been cited and acknowledged where ever made.

Preetha Saji

Report on Padi-Cepat Case Study

Submitted to: Dr. Robert Khan
Paper Code: 95:892(B)
Paper Name: International Human Resource Management

Submitted by: Preetha Saji
Student id: 2143241
Submission Date: 17/07/2015
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Pedi-Cepat, a Malaysian company is into the business of instant food, beverages and baking products for middle and lower income groups. Raja Norman Effendi, the CEO of the company is worried about the future business due to the decreasing profit margin and emergence of new competitors. The company as such is looking at options for betterment. For this the company is seeking variety of strategic plans. Greenfield is the first option they are looking into, in which company would require considerable financing while going global. Having a good credit rating in Malaysia and operating in an Islamic environment it would be easy for the company to enter Middle East market due to the conventional bond and ordinary rights issues followed. Second option the…

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