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Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Ltd. Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Ltd. sells its exquisite orthodox teas internationally under the brand name Teatulia. is the only substantial organic tea grower in Bangladesh. There garden is located in Tetulia, in the northernmost district of Panchagarh, only 50 km south of Darjeeling. They were inspired to produce high-quality organic teas to meet the growing demands of both local and foreign markets. Incorporated in the year 2000, They acquired virgin lands which had never before been used for cultivation. After extensive research and consultation with the Bangladesh Tea Board, plantation began on August 6, 2000.
KK Tea is the first organic tea substantially produced in Bangladesh, and the first to be certified by
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Dry Leaves: Large, mighty leaves that nearly burst out of the silken sachet when steeped.
Aroma: Nutty and buttery.
Color: Light golden brown.
Flavor: Smooth, medium body, with a mellow finish.

Dry Leaves: Medium-sized leaves mixed with bright green broken Neem leaf.
Aroma: Full nose with a tartness at the finish.
Color: Golden
Flavor: Totally unique. Bright, full-bodied with a delightful crispness..

Dry Leaves: Small black leaves interspersed with leaf from the amazing Tulsi plant.
Aroma: Intensely spicy.
Color: Red.
Flavor: . A rich, full-bodied spiciness and sweetness.

Dry Leaves: Broken green leaves.
Aroma: Wood and perhaps some green bell pepper.
Color: Green-gold with a pink hue.
Flavor: Medium body with a grassy, fresh, slightly vegetal flavor.

Dry Leaves: Gorgeous half-inch needles with a delicate soft white fuzz.
Aroma: Rich and subtle.
Color: Golden.
Flavor: Delicately rich and wholly satisfying.

Dry Leaves: Small, delicate ginger bits mixed with broken vasaka leaf.
Aroma: Spicy and earthy.
Color: Golden orange.
Flavor: Bold, broad spiciness. Initial sips are a lovely, intense flavor; spicy and peppery with sweet overtones.

Dry Leaves: Small, broken lemongrass stalks and bay leaf pieces with a nice, dull-green color.
Aroma: Zesty citrus.
Color: Delicate yellow.
Flavor: Refreshing. Light. Thirst-quenching. The most pure lemon flavor.


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