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Report On The English Week Programme In SMK Alam Shah

English Week was an opportunity for students to show everyone their appreciation and ability at English. In SMK Alam Shah, the English Week was carried out from 18 April until 22 April 2011. The programme was organized by the English Language Society. With the slogan “I Love English”, this programme was aimed to encourage all pupils to use English Language as a medium of interaction with their friends and teachers. Various activities were arranged during the week and opened to all students. The activities were carried out from 7.30 a.m. until the school sessions ended.

The event kicked off on Monday, 18 April 2011, with the standard assembly in the Bestari Hall. The
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Sixteen students from various forms took part in this thought-provoking competition with the aim to improve their self-confidence and speaking abilities.

The anxious feeling and excitement continued to the following day. The morning of day three started with the debate competition, the signature event of English Week. Four teams comprising the Form 4 and 5 students competed in this event. Everyone was amazed at the language of the debaters. However, the audience was more spellbound by Mohd Hakim Ramlan, the most eloquent speaker in the competition. After recess, all students took part in a variety of mind-boggling competitions. The first and second formers participated in the crossword puzzle competition in their respective classes. The third formers gathered back in the Bestari Hall to watch their friends in the tongue twister competition. In the meantime, the upper forms were involved in the essay competition. Even though each competition was a hard nut to crack, each participant tried their best.

Day four of the English Week was the most exhilarating day as the treasure hunt activity was conducted. The event, which lasted the whole day, was carried out around the school compound. The activity was participated by ten energetic teams. This activity not only gave each team a rush of adrenaline but also built self-esteem, fostered teamwork and provided the opportunity to think out of a box the box using their grey

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