Report On Denver Metro Concrete Essay

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COMPENSATION. Denver Metro Concrete is providing an estimate. Client shall pay Denver Metro Concrete as set forth in the estimate. Price is subject to change, with customer’s approval, if the void under the slab is greater than anticipated. Ifr the crew is turned away from the jobsite or less than 24 hour prior cancellation notification is given, the customer will be responsible payment of $100.

INVOICING & PAYMENT. Denver Metro Concrete shall invoice client upon completion of work. Client shall pay invoice within 10 days of client’s receipt of the invoice. Client shall also pay to Denver Metro Concrete a late charge of 1 ½ % per month on all balances unpaid 30 days after the invoice date. If client fails to pay on time and Denver Metro Concrete refers your account(s) to a third party for collection, Denver Metro Concrete will charge all cost associated with the n on-payment, including but not limited to, accumulated late fees, returned check fees ($30.00), insufficient funds fees, collection agency fees, and court attorney costs. Denver Metro Concrete will try in every attempt to collect in house, but if all attempts are failed Denver Metro Concrete will refer account to a third party collection, in this event all correspondents and/or payments must be made through the collection agency.

LIMITED GUARANTEE. On concrete over 10 years old Denver Metro Concrete will re-pump once, in a two year period, if necessary, any areas that have resettled more…

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