Report On Counseling Theory And Method Essay

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Gerard Mauthe
Report on Counseling Theory and Method
HSCD 380

CREATE Inc. uses a mixture of evidence based practices and the implementation of multiple techniques. Their philosophy works well with clients from a broad population base and involves an educational & harms reduction approach. Clients are mandated to remain abstinent during treatment with expectations of making better decisions about their chemical use after completion. CREATE’s curriculum is based on the stages of change and they help clients move through the change by providing chemical health assessments, mental health screening, individualized treatment plans, intensive outpatient groups, individualized sessions and continuum of care. CREATE works with a variety of people; central to mixed communities; clients are from all different backgrounds and populations.

CREATE’s specific use of evidenced based practices include:
Integrated dual diagnosis treatment, described as “focus on stage-wise treatment utilizing the chemical health model, mental health education, and individualized therapy.”

CBT: Cognitive behavioral therapy
Motivational interviewing
Trauma informed care
Person centered / strength based care
Mindfulness: DBT (Dialectical behavior treatment)
Seeking safety

In group, a mixture of techniques are implemented; CREATE uses multiple practices in facilitation. Coming from different populations; clients approach treatment with different stigmas and potential resistance. The skill learning in group…

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