Report On Abc Security Services Essay

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There were different problems outlined in the organization overview and those included the human resources department, payroll department, employee hiring, employee training, customer satisfaction, and licensing. ABC security services is experiencing high employee turnover, and many operations managers as well as site supervisors are not taking the steps to investigate the reasons why this is happening.
For the last couple of years many issues have surfaced including the increased workload on security officers because of the constant downsizing. Many security officers are having to work overtime and working different shifts within a 24-hour period without enough rest. This trend is of course causing these security officers to function inefficient and ineffective. In addition to work overload, most of these security officers are missing hours on their paychecks.
In order to plan out a reasonable solution, ABC security services will take the appropriate leadership to provide more support first by taking in the concept that the employees are the most valuable resource and they should be treated as such. Second and from a general perspective, the human resources department staff will need the right resources and tools to hire better candidates in a more efficient and effective manner. For example, by recruiting more qualified security officers, the property managers using our services will expand the business financially and reputation.
One of the main objectives in…

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